Embassy of Japan in Nepal

January 21, 2014

Japanese Film Festival in Kathmandu and Pokhara

As part of introducing and promoting Japanese culture, society and way of life to the people of Nepal, the Embassy of Japan is organizing a three-day Japanese Film Festival in Kathmandu from January 24~26, 2014.  Similarly, a one-day film festival is also being organized in Pokhara on February 1, 2014.

Entrance to the movie shows is free for all on a first-come-first-served basis.  The films will be screened with English subtitles and the screening schedule of the film festival is as follows:-

Venue: Cultural Corporation (Rastriya Nachghar), Jamal
24th January 2014 (Friday)
15:00                  Always-Sunset on Third Street 3 (142 min.)

25th January 2014 (Saturday)
11:00                  Brave Story (111 min.)
13:15                  Waterboys (91 min.)
15:00                  A Midsummer’s Okinawa Dream (105 min.)

26th January 2014 (Sunday)
11:00                 Rail Truck (116 min.)
13:15                  The Chef of South Polar (125 min.)
15:30                 Ballad (132 min.)

Venue: Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Gaira Patan
1st January 2014 (Saturday)
11:00                  Chibimaruko-Chan (94 min.)
12:45                  Teresuko (Three for the Road) (108 min.)
14:45                  Osaka Hamlet (107 min.)

Through this film festival, the audience may find differences between Nepalese lifestyle or ways of thinking, and Japanese ways, but they may also find similarities.  It is hoped that the film festival will increase the understanding Nepalese people have of Japan and its culture, and in turn lead to the continued development of our friendly relations.

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