Traditional Japanese Paintings Exhibition

Ambassador Masamichi Saigo welcomed guests for the “Traditional Japanese Paintings” exhibition at the Japanese Embassy Hall, Kathmandu on 22nd November 2019. On the opening day we had more than 70 guests, including 11 ambassadors, Japanese language teachers and students also Nepali artists. Dr. Claire Cuccio, an educator and independent scholar of Japanese studies gave a live review of the exhibition based on her professional knowledge of Japanese art and paintings. The Embassy run the exhibition from 22nd November to 6th December 2019.

The exhibition featured works by Dr. Toshimichi Okumura, with Nepali artists “origami” artworks. Dr. Okumura’s works used various wooden-boards, these distinct features which lead viewers to the world of traditional Japanese paintings. Using wood as a “canvas”, Dr. Okumurua poured his knowledge and techniques of traditional Japanese paintings methods, which make his art more original. His works are on various themes from nature, countryside life and Japanese culture, including architecture. Dr. Okumura took his Ph.D. in Architecture and has Master in the Preservation of Culture Heritage Studies. Currently he is working in Nepal as the JICA Expert, Culture Heritage Advisor at the Department of Archaeology, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

“Origami”, the paper fold artworks, Nepali artists, Ms. Yamuna Shrestha and Mr. Saugat Rajbhandari showcased their beautiful origami 3D art works. Origami workshops by two artists were held for local students. More than 400 students participated and learned about Japanese origami art. The exhibition attracted visitors to enjoy traditional Japanese paintings and origami art. During the 14-day of exhibition, about 800 art lovers visited our embassy hall.