Tackling COVID-19 Together: Japan Assists Nepal with More Medical Equipment (May 18, 2021)

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18thMay, 2021
Tackling COVID-19 Together: Japan Assists Nepal
with More Medical Equipment
 (Kathmandu, 18th May): As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread in Nepal at an unprecedented pace, the Government of Japan is providing 25 Portable Ultrasound Image Diagnostic Systems to 25 hospitals in Nepal, 23 of which were already handed over on 16th May.  The remaining two will be installed today and tomorrow respectively.
Upon handing over the medical equipment to the hospitals, His Excellency, Mr. KIKUTA Yutaka, Ambassador of Japan to Nepal, stated that “The Ultrasound Image Diagnostic Systems Japan provides this time are easy to use because they are portable, and will significantly contribute to the diagnosis of COVID-19 patients. While Japan herself keeps fighting the pandemic domestically, Japan always stands behind Nepal. We will tackle the COVID-19 pandemic together at this critical time. I sincerely hope that the medical equipment from the Government of Japan will help Nepali people in this difficult situation.”
The Government of Japan supports Nepal to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic by providing medical equipment under the Japanese Grant Aid. Twenty five (25) Blood Gas Analyzers have already been provided on 27th January to 25 hospitals in the country.
Japan will soon provide 160 Oxygen Concentrators and 6 Ambulances. These Oxygen Concentrators will arrive in Nepal next month and they are significantly useful especially for the urgent treatment of COVID-19 patients since these high-tech equipment can “generate” highly concentrated oxygen without the need of oxygen cylinders.  They will be distributed to 58 hospitals across the nation. 
The Embassy of Japan hopes that this assistance will save the lives of as many Nepalese people as possible.  The Embassy also hopes this will contribute towards further strengthening the relationship, friendship and cooperation between the peoples of Japan and Nepal.
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