Japan Hands Over 240 Judo Uniforms to Nepal Judo Association (February 6, 2024)

Embassy of Japan
P.O. Box 264, Kathmandu
JEINF No. 01-2024  
February 6, 2024
Japan Hands Over 240 Judo Uniforms to Nepal Judo Association
(Kathmandu, December 6):  H.E. Mr. KIKUTA Yutaka, Ambassador of Japan to Nepal, handed over 240 Judo uniforms to Nepal Judo Association. The handover ceremony was held at the Embassy of Japan in Kathmandu today.
The handover ceremony was attended by Mr. Deepak Harsha Bajracharya, the president of the Nepal Judo Association and its members. Among the participants were Ms. Debu Thapa, who competed in the Beijing 2008 Olympics. In addition, four active Judo players who are training to target the Asian Games Aichi-Nagoya 2026 also participated and received encouraging messages from Ambassador Kikuta.
The Judo uniforms were provided by the All Japan Judo Federation (AJJF) and the non-profit organization JUDOs, under the Project for Sports Diplomacy Enhancement by the Government of Japan, the program to promote mutual understanding between Japan and her friendly countries through sports.
JUDOs has been continuously cooperating to promote judo in Nepal, dispatching an international instructor and a world champion judo player, providing judo uniforms and tatami mats for use at the judo hall. Similarly, support has been provided by the public sector. The Multipurpose Martial Arts Center (MMAC) in Kathmandu, which has been used by many judo players, was built in 2002 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Matsumoto City, Japan and Kathmandu City, and was jointly funded by Matsumoto City and the Government of Japan.
At this occasion, Ambassador Kikuta emphasized that through daily practice of judo, young judo players can acquire not only judo skills, but also healthy bodies and indomitable spirits, and learn courtesy as well. Thus, he is confident that judo can contribute to helping the physical and mental growth of youth.
The Embassy of Japan hopes that the judo uniforms handed over today will encourage the enthusiasm of Nepali judo lovers, thus will play a positive role in the healthy growth of the Nepali youth, who are the future of Nepal. The Embassy would be delighted if the goodwill from Japan will further enhance the friendly relationship between our two countries.