Embassy of Japan in Nepal

JRC Study-Tour Program

The Embassy of Japan takes pleasure in announcing that the JRC (Japan Resource Center of the Embassy) Study-tour Program started from September 2002. The main objective of the Program is to give a comprehensive introduction on Japan and Japan-Nepal relations to lower and higher secondary students in the Kathmandu Valley.

The two-hour Program consists of three phases; video show, power-point presentation on Japan-Nepal relations and a visit to the JRC library. In the video show, students have a chance to acquire knowledge on different aspects of Japan such as nature, society and culture, as well as Japan's international contribution. In the power point presentation, students are familiarized with how Japan and Nepal have enjoyed close cordial relations in diversified fields from the Imperial Family of Japan and the Royal Family of Nepal to the grassroots level, including economic cooperation for the socio-economic development of Nepal.

During the visit to JRC library, students will have an enjoyable time reading books and magazines that describe what's happening in Japan concerning the economy, traditional and contemporary culture, society, technology, and numerous other subject areas as well as the history of Japan.

Participating in the program, students from Galaxy Public School and Mahendra Bhawan Girls' Higher Secondary School commented that they were extremely impressed to learn how deep and friendly the ties between Japan and Nepal have been for the past hundred years through a power point presentation on the tour.

The participating students are privileged to receive a small souvenir as a token of taking part in the program. Interested schools are most welcome to participate in the study-tour program. Please contact: 4426680, JRC.

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