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Japan's ODA to Nepal in 2007

As a dedicated development partner and a close friend of Nepal, Japan has been extending its Official Development Assistance (ODA) to the Government of Nepal in its development endeavor to achieve sustainable economic development and alleviate poverty in Nepal since 1969. Japan's ODA is basically designed to contribute to peace and prosperity of developing countries in line with their self-help efforts, perspectives of human security, assurance of fairness, utilization of Japan's experience and expertise, and participation in and cooperation with the international community.

In extending economic and technical assistance to Nepal, Japan has given priority to five areas that are set with prior consultation between the two countries. They are (i) human resources development (ii) social sectors such as education, health and medical care (iii) agriculture development (iv) basic economic and social infrastructure and (v) environmental conservation. In JFY 2007, the Government of Japan has extended ODA for the implementation of the following projects:

Increase of Food Production in Nepal with Special Emphasis on Underprivileged Farmers
This grant will be utilized for the procurement of fertilizers needed to boost agricultural production, thus enabling the country to meet its growing demand for food. The fertilizer procured under this grant will be utilized as a buffer-stock to counter acute shortages of, and price hikes in, food, and will be supplied to farmers in remote regions where private sector activities are limited.

Food Aid
The objective of this project is to enable the Government of Nepal to procure rice and supply it to the needy populations living in food deficit districts of Nepal. The rice has been delivered by the Nepal Food Corporation (NFC) through the national distribution network of the Government of Nepal.

Project for the Construction of New Kawasoti Sub-Station
This grant has been extended to the Government of Nepal for procuring the products and services necessary for the construction of New Kawasoti Sub-station in order to provide a reliable and quality electricity supply to the population of the eastern part of Nawalparasi District and to meet the increasing electricity demand as well as to reduce the system loss in the target area. Under the grant, a new 132/33kV Kawasoti Sub-station will be constructed to loop in with the existing Bardaghat-Bharatpur 132kV transmission grid isolating the existing Bharatpur-Kawasoti 33kV transmission line and connecting the distribution system to the New Kawasoti Sub-station; thereby enhancing the reliability of the distribution system for the population of eastern Nawalparasi District.

Project for the Improvement of Kathmandu-Bhaktapur Road
A grant has been extended for carrying out a 'detailed design study' to upgrade about 9.1km of the Kathmandu -Bhaktapur Road section of the Araniko Highway by expanding the existing two-lane road to four lanes. This will serve as not only a road to ensure consistent transportation of goods and people between Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, but also to play an important role linking the Kathmandu Valley with the Eastern Tarai via the Sindhuli Road, which connects Banepa-Sindhuli-Bardibas (East West Highway).

Cultural Grant to Nepal Television for the Improvement of TV Programs
The main objective of the cultural grant to contribute to the promotion of cultural, educational and research activities, and preservation of cultural assets and relics. The assistance has been provided for procuring the necessary programs to enhance TV broadcasting by Nepal Television Corporation for further promoting culture and education in Nepal.

Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP)
In 2007, the Embassy of Japan has, so far, extended GGP grants to five projects to be implemented by local recipient organizations and Japanese NGOs. They are: Construction of a Students Hostel for Dhulikhel Medical Institute; Project for Forest Conservation in Remote Villages in Myadgi and Parbat Districts for Income Generation; Project of Quality Education for Children Affected by Armed-Conflict; Construction of Disabled Children Education and Training Center, and Improvement of Phedi-Kotyang-Ghumaunechaur Rural Road.

Technical Assistance
In 2007, so far, Japan has dispatched technical experts in the field of non-formal education; agricultural extension; sericulture; strengthening of monitoring and evaluation system etc. Additionally, Japan has also dispatched four policy advisors in various fields. In addition, Japan provided 73 training courses in Japan and dispatched Japan's Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs) and Senior Volunteers (SVs), who work closely together with their Nepali counterparts.

List of Grant Aid Projects Extended to Nepal in 2007
JFY 2007
(In '000 Yen)
Type Grant Aid Project Amount in Yen
Project Project for the Construction of New Kawasoti Substation 847,000
Project Project for the Improvement of Kathmandu - Bhaktapur Road 48,000
KR Food Aid (KR) 400,000
GGP Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects
(6 Projects)
DRF Debt Relief Measure in the form of Cancellation 1,630,773

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