Embassy of Japan in Nepal


The Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Nepal

With the establishment of diplomatic relations on September 1, 1956, the relationship has extended in diverse fields. Before the opening of the embassy chancelleries in Kathmandu and Tokyo, the Japanese Ambassador in New Delhi was concurrently appointed ambassador to Nepal. Similarly, the Nepalese Ambassador in New Delhi was concurrently ambassador to Japan. In this way, Their Excellencies Mr. Seijiro Yoshizawa and Mr. Daman Shumsher Rana became the first ambassadors of their respective countries.

Ambassador Yoshizawa presenting
his credentials to King Mahendra
(September 22, 1956)

First residential Ambassador Kira
presenting his credentials
to King Mahendra
(February 26, 1968)

A permanent Nepalese Embassy was opened in Tokyo in July 1965 and H.E. Mr. Bharat Raj Rajbhandari was appointed ambassador to Japan. This was followed by the opening of the Embassy of Japan in Kathmandu, in February 1968. H.E. Mr. Hidemichi Kira was appointed ambassador to Nepal.

The relationship has been consolidated further by the visits of members of the imperial family of Japan and the royal family of Nepal in 1960. Their Majesties King Mahendra and Queen Ratna made the first state visit to Japan in April 1960. While in December of the same year, Their Imperial Highnesses Crown Prince Akihito and Crown Princess Michiko (the present Emperor and Empress) visited Nepal, representing the Emperor and Empress of Japan. His Majestry King Birendra (the then Crown Prince) spent a couple of months as a special student in Tokyo University in 1967. The visit created a good opportunity to develop a close personal friendship with the imperial family of Japan. The imperial couple of Japan revisited Nepal in 1975 to attend the coronation of His Majestry King Birendra. In subsequent years, visits by the members of the imperial family of Japan and royal family of Nepal have taken place from time to time.

King Mahendra meeting with Emperor Hirohito
together with Crown Prince Akihito
(April 1960)

Queen Ratna chatting with Japanese
Empress and Princess
(April 1960)

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