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People's Exchanges

Sister-city Relations

As a part of active people to people exchanges between the two countries, sister-city and sister-village relations were established between Kathmandu-Matsumoto of Nagano prefecture and Tukche VDC-Toga village of Toyama Prefecture in 1989.

Both Kathmandu and Matsumoto cities are situated in mountainous areas and popular among tourists. In January 2002, the friendly relations between the two cities were consolidated with the construction of a Multipurpose Martial Arts Center in Kathmandu jointly financed by Matsumoto city and the Government of Japan. To commemorate the first anniversary of the construction of the Center, the first Kathmandu-Matsumoto friendship judo championship was organized on January 23, 2003 in which judo-players from Nepal, India as well as Matsumoto took part.

Final judo match between Japanese
and Nepalese players at the
Martial Arts Center

Sister-village relations between Tukche and Toga dates back to 1989 when the Toga delegation visited Tukche, in part to discover the roots of buckwheat (), one of the major agricultural products of Toga, and signed the agreement. The two villages deepened the friendship by conducting annual exchange of visits and accepting technical trainees from Tukche to Toga.

Interaction between people
of Tukche and Toga

In addition, in April 2001 Pokhara and Komagane of Nagano prefecture signed an agreement of international cooperation and friendship between the cities. After the affiliation, both cities have been jointly improving the park in Pokhara as Pokhara-Komagane friendship park, as a symbol of the friendship, by providing a design for the park as well as a support project to beautify the area.

Komagane delegation being warmly welcomed
by people of Pokhara

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