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People's Exchanges

Promotion of Cultural Exchanges

Tsugaru Shamisen Concert
held in March 2002
Japan places great importance on international cultural exchanges in various spheres including people-people, cultural and academic fields. Recognizing the fact that understanding and respecting different cultures helps to engender friendship among nations, Japan is actively promoting cultural exchanges. Cultural exchange programmes have been progressing both at the bilateral and people's level. There are several friendship societies in Japan which are very active. In Nepal too, associations related with Japan number over a dozen.

Obviously, these friendship associations in both countries contribute to promoting cultural ties. And also, traditional and contemporary culture has been widely introduced to Nepalese people including ikebana (flower arrangement), Japanese traditional music, tea ceremony, graphic arts, etc.

Poster Exhibition "Discover Japan
through contemporary posters" held
in February 2002.
Diffusion of each language in both countries is one of the major driving forces for promoting mutual understanding. At this moment, there is a growing number of Nepalese people learning Japanese and the number of Japanese language schools in Nepal has reached 20. The Embassy of Japan, in cooperation with the Japan Foundation, supports Japanese language institutes by providing textbooks, inviting Japanese language teachers for training in Japan and other programmes.

Plantation Ceremony for 100-year
Anniversary of Nepalese Students in
Japan at the Residence of
Ambassador Kaminaga
In recent years, exchange of visits among students, youths, and intellectuals have been increasing. Government of Japan invited Nepalese such as government officials, academics, journalists, NGO leaders, young business executives, etc. for further understanding of Japanese society and culture, as well as for strengthening the ties with their counterparts in Japan.

Soon after the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Nepal in 1956, Japan offered scholarships to Nepal and hundreds of students have been benefiting since then. Year 2002 marks the 100th anniversary of Nepali students going to Japan. This anniversary is expected to be the beginning of the next centennial for friendly relations between our two countries, and programming the commemorative events is being organized by the Japan University Students Association of Nepal (JUSAN).

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