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The 100th Anniversary of Nepali Students in Japan

Photo Gallery
Dev Shumsher J B Rana. Prime Minister (15 May - 27 June, 1901)
Courtesy: Himalaya S. Rana (Great-Grandson of Dev Sumsher Rana)
Chandra Shumsher J B Rana. Prime Minister (1901-1929)
Group photo of student
Standing: Bicharman, Bhakta Bahadur, Hem Bahadur, Bal Narsingh
Sitting: Rudra Lal, Deep Narsinghh, Jang Narsinghh (Leader), Dev Narsinghh
Courtesy: Deep Narsinghh Family
Standing (Left to Right) - Mr. Ishikawa, Mr. Bhakta Bahadur and Mr. Jang Narsinghh
on summer vacation excursion of the arms unit Lt. Col. Jominago
Courtesy: Deep Narsinghh Family
As memorial of my assistance to your study in Osaka arsenal 1904 (Wrote Prof. Ishikawa).
Standing left to right: Bal Narsinghh, Bhakta Bahadur
Sitting left to right: Jang Narsinghh and M. Ishikawa
Courtesy: Deep Narsinghh family
College group photo - Back row from left 5th, Deep Narsinghh Rana (Tokyo Teikoku Daigaku, Department of Agriculture)
Courtesy: Jang Narsinghh family
Tokyo Imperial University College (Tokyo Teikoku Daigaku Gate, Akaman 1902)
Courtesy: NHK
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Kuramae Koto Kogyo Gakko, 1902)
Courtesy: NHK
Tokyo University, Department of Agriculture (Noka Daigaku, 1902)
Courtesy: Deep Narsinghh Family
Osaka Arms manufacturing Center (Arsenal, 1904)
Courtesy: As mentioned in the previous page
Letter from British Legation, April 21, 1902
Courtesy: Diplomatic Record Office, Tokyo
List of students proceeding from Nepal (India) to Japan
Courtesy: Diplomatic Record Office, Tokyo
Name of the Students, their colleges, address, house rent and number of attendants.
Courtesy: Diplomatic Record Office, Tokyo
Total government Money from Birganj Treasury
Expenditure from Raxual to Yakohama
Expenses for three days at Yakohama
Expenses record of Nepalese Students in Tokyo (1902)
Expenses Record of Nepalese Students in Yokohama (1902)
Ekai Kawaguchi
Courtesy: Mrs. Miyata Teru (Niece of Ekai Kawaguchi)
Miyuki Narita, the daughter of the Landlord where Jang Narsingh and other rented house.
Courtesy: Narita Family
Jai Hanpo. British India-Nepal. Police Report
Coutest: Diplomatic Record Office, Tokyo
The author in NHK with Mr. Kenji Suzuki during documentary film broadcast (1978)
Class Note Sample of Nepalese Students
A worksheet of Osaka Arms Manufacturing factory.

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