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The Yabunouchi School of the Tea Ceremony

In addition to the pursuit of the formal elegance of the original Tea Ceremony that succeeded since "Murata Juko" (Master of "Takeno Jouou"), "Takeno Jouou" and "Sen no Rikyu", the Yabunouchi School is distinguished in the following two features.

Because of the close relationship of "Yabunouchi Kenchu Jochi", the founder, with his brother in law, "Furuta Oribe" who was originally feudal lord from the warrior class, the Yabunouchi School style is known to suit the taste of the warrior class in movement, utensils and structure of tea-room.
The other character originated in the connection with the Buddhism temple "Nishi-Honganji" that invites the school to be the master for the Tea Ceremony. The school was affected by the thoughts of the temple that value the spirit above the manner. The influence contributed in completion of the following principles of the Yabunouchi School.
The Tea Ceremony is:
  • to be honest to keep the spirit,
  • to be pure to host,
  • to be polite to associate,
  • to be simple to study

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