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Nepal-Japan Friendship & Cultural Association
Kalilasthan, Kathmandu
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Email: njfca@mail.com.np

Nepal and Japan are both ancient monarchies and modern democracies. The Institute of monarchy is highly revered by the people of Nepal and Japan. Thus there is an age-old close spiritual and cultural relationship between these two countries. Taking the friendship and warm cultural and diplomatic ties between Nepal and Japan into consideration, the Nepal-Japan Friendship and Cultural Association was formally established on 10th April 1979. We wish our friends to know about the nature and function of this Association in a nutshell.

  1. Preamble:
    This Association came into existence to further help create an environment of peace and understanding between these two countries. The Association involves all from the common masses to those of higher level in mutual communication and interaction.

  2. Main objectives:
    1. Enhancing cultural, religious and scientific exchange between the two countries.
    2. Launching activities directly or indirectly to further help the evolution of cordial relations among the people of those two countries.
    3. Setting up of Nepal Japan cultural centers and libraries in order to disseminate information about the general life styles of both countries.

  3. Members:
    Life members 35
    General members 422
    Honorary members 4
    Total 461

  4. Financial Source:
    1. Membership fees
    2. Government and non-government co-operation
    3. Miscellaneous

    (The financial sources mentioned above are not regular feature of the Association. Cultural activities especially bi-national cultural activities usually get a very lukewarm response from government or non-government bodies in Nepal.)

  5. Regular Activities:
    1. Publication of annual magazine "Shakunage"
    2. Celebration of Nepal-Japan week (on the auspicious occasion of His Imperial Majesty Akihito's birthday on Dec 23, and the birthday of His Majesty Late King Birendra
      on Dec. 29)
    3. Participation in Nepal Japan kite flying and designing competition
    4. Organizing addition programs on special occasions of both the countries
    5. Promotion of cultural exchanges in both Nepal and Japan

  6. Special Activities:
    Celebration of special religious festivals and carnivals.

  7. Memorable Financial Contribution from the Embassy of Japan:
    From the beginning of establishment of the Association in 1979 to 1987, the Embassy of Japan made a memorable financial contribution towards the observance of Nepal-Japan evenings. The Association felt greatly inspired and encouraged by the Embassy generous attitude.

  8. The Founder and Continual Executive of the Association:
    1. Dr. Yadav Prasad Pant
    2. Mr. Maheshwar Juju
    3. Dr. Durga Prasad Bhandari
    4. Mrs. Gopini Shrestha

  9. The District Branches:
    (a) Kavre (b) Banke (c) Kanchanpur (d) Banglung
    (e) Rupandeh (f ) Magdi (g) Parsa (h)Hetaunda
    (i) Kaski

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