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  1. Chestnuts of smaller size are grown wild on the mountains of Nepal. Seeds of big size Chestnuts, Wisteria, Chrysanthemum, Persimmon were brought from Japan and planted in Kathmandu for the first time by the students.
  2. Kamal M. Dixit, "Esto Pani" (Like this also) 1st. Ed. 1957-p-40, Madan Library, Patan Dhoka (Kathmandu), Nepal. Dev Shumsher was very satisfied with the plan "Universal Education" (Aksharanka Shiksha) prepared by Jay Prithivi Bahadur Singh. Later it was published in "Gorkhapatra" 1st and 2nd Edition 1958 B.S. (1901 A.D.). Dev Shumsher remarked, "If anyone wishes to satisfy the prime minister, it should be with the works like this, not flattery". Jay Prithivi Bahadur Singh, a prograssive intellectual of Nepal, published a booklet about Japan in 1908. That was the first publication in Nepal giving brief information on Japanese affairs. Mr. Singh visited Japan on his way back from the U.S.A. He also served as head of "Gorkhapatra newspaper".
  3. The publication of "Weekly Gorkhapatra" started on May 1901 (B.S. 1958. Vaisakha 24). Within a short period of time the paper progressed well and started Bi-weekly publication. Owing to its popularity, later it started daily issue which has become the oldest and largest daily of Nepal today. Iron ore Mine was started in Thosee during Dev Shumshe's time. The Thosay Bazaar is 15 km away north from Manthali, the headquarter of Ramechhap district. At one time this was Nepal's largest iron ore processing center. Iron from this area was used for manufacturing weapons that were used during war with Tibet. Trekkers pass through this Thosay Bazar on their way to Mt. Sagarmatha (Everest). (Gorkhapatra Daily, Jan. 16, 2002).
  4. Modern Nepal; A Political History 1769-1955. Vol. II by Rishikesh Shah (page 33). Manohar Publication. 216 Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002. Historians differ in opinion regarding external hands to remove Dev Shumsher.
  5. Prof. Junjiro Takakusu, Journey to Nepal, Chigaku Zasshi, (Magazine) No. 305, 1914, "During the conversation with Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher Rana Prof. Takakusu of Tokyo University emphasized universal education a prerequisite for all round development and also told that Japan had been benefited by doing so. But the Premier rejected the idea".
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  11. 'Nepali soldiers known as "Gurkhas" were sent to India and other places of the world to assist the British Government during war. But Nepal did not take part in any world war."
  12. Large building, official residence of Rana Prime Minister the Palace, etc.
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